Why Is IELTS Valid For Two Years?

 IELTS Valid For Two Years

There are a number of tests to check the English language proficiency of a candidate, TOEFL, GRE, PTE are some of them. However, IELTS is the most popular exam which is accepted by almost every college and university to give admission to international students. Apart from this, the IELTS general exam is the most common exam for immigration purposes. Punjab is a major market for this sector as people from other states too, come to get IELTS coaching in Punjab.

Though there is no age limit and no restriction on maximum attempts, the IELTS certificate is valid for two years. 
As many students wonder about the need for this rule, we are providing you with the reasons for the limited validity of this exam.

1.    An individual’s proficiency in a language can get enhanced significantly or can decline drastically within a span of two years.
2.  As a business perspective, limiting the validity of the exam will help in creating a regular income for the exam conducting organisations.
3.     Moreover, regular assessment is the best way to enhance the skills of any person.
4.   The visa rules and requirements for every college, university and nation can be updated by the authorities after specific intervals. This makes it essential to evaluate a candidate’s skills on a regular basis.

However, there is a rule in Australia about which only a few people know; IELTS scores are valid for 3 years for applying for the permanent residency in Australia. 

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