Which Accent Is Used In IELTS?

It is observed that students, sometimes, do not understand the accents used in listening audios while taking the IELTS test. As a consequence, they become curious about the accent they should use while taking the speaking test. Firstly, it is vital for you to become familiar with the meaning of accent. 
Pronunciation or accent is the ability to speak words correctly and clearly. The difference in style is an effect of the place where you live. It means your accent is usually affected by the place where you are residing for many years. For example, the accent of a person residing in Asia may differ from that of a European citizen. There are hundreds of different accents used across the world, and IELTS accepts all of them. In the IELTS speaking test, it does not matter which accent you use, as long as your pronunciation is clear and accurate.
So while taking this test, it is not obligatory to set your voice tone according to the place you are going to study. You must only focus on using a proper speaking style with good fluency. 
Generally, students fear that their accent may affect their IELTS score, and while preparing for the test, they start to copy the tone of a native speaker to get good bands in the IELTS exam. Instead of trying to impress the examiner with an unnatural accent, students should focus on the factors that actually lead to higher bands.
 Below, we are providing you with some dos and don’ts to get a good score instead of focusing on the accent.
  • Try to include English words while speaking your native language 
  • Avoid using unnatural accent
  • Listen to a variety of accents
  • Know your weaknesses, i.e. the words you find difficult to pronounce
  • Observe your pronunciation, style and intonation
  • Write down difficult words by their sounds and then try to pronounce it again and again
  • Practice with tongue twisters
  • Record yourself speaking on phone and train your pronunciation by repeating it if you have trouble pronouncing a particular word
  • Speak as much as you can
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