Is There Any Age Requirement For IELTS Exam?

 requirement for ielts exam?

Well, age is just a number if you are proficient enough to excel in the IELTS test. And British council also considers and provides a fair chance to people of ages under 65 to take the IELTS test. The test system is quite interesting. You can set IELTS date according to your preferred time and date and the result is also declared within two weeks. There comes a situation in a person's life when he/she cannot attain good bands in IELTS. But that does not mean you cannot appear the next time. 

However, there are still some sets of rules set by the British Council for students who take the IELTS. First of all, students can take the IELTS training from numerous institutes. A student must be a minimum 16 years old to take the IELTS test. Anyone over 16  can take the IELTS test irrespective of nationality or background.

Even the application reflects the IELTS eligibility criteria in terms of age wherein in there is a section enquiring candidates’ age where options above 16 are provided. Generally, people take the IELTS test to get into university or get a skilled migration visa to an English-speaking country. People do not go to foreign lands for work unless they are at least 18.   

You will find a number of best institutes for IELTS coaching in Punjab but still, they all will prefer you to complete matriculation. Things become easy to understand at this age and if you know 16 is the valid age to acquire anything whether it is right to vote or to take IELTS. 

 A student first needs to take coaching from the best IELTS coaching centre in Punjab or other states for at least three months if he/she is a beginner. Moreover, he/she must have the ability to learn and understand the basic rules of English.

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