How Does Fluency Affect The IELTS Speaking Score?

Fluency Affect The IELTS Speaking Score?

The IELTS speaking test is the only test among all four modules in which one has to interact face to face with the examiner, and the score is determined by the way a candidate speaks during the test. There are many factors which affect the speaking scores of a candidate such as the use of accurate vocabulary, ability to express ideas and most importantly, the fluency.

Generally what happens, while taking the IELTS test, numerous students feel a little reluctant and sometimes become nervous while expressing their views.

Well, it is a clear fact that the speaking test is like a hard nut to crack as it is quite tough to speak fluently in all three parts.

How does fluency have an impact on the scores?

  • In speaking part 2, the examiner has a rough idea of your band score. So, if you speak without consistent pauses, you can definitely score good marks in this part of the test.
  • The main thing to keep in mind regarding fluency is that fluency and accent are two different things. So, instead of trying to sound like a native speaker, a candidate must focus more on fluency, i.e. Speak as naturally as you can.
  • Fluency does not mean that you speak without pauses. Pauses are natural while speaking, as one may take a reasonable time to recall some ideas. However, when a candidate takes pauses due to the shortage of words to express his/her thoughts, it shows the lack of vocabulary, which may reduce the bands.

Tips for improving fluency in the Speaking test

1. Try to generalize your idea, and speak more and more in English without bothering about your mistakes.
2.     Participate in debates during speaking sessions.
3.    Create flashcards of words that you find tough to remember, and practice in front of a mirror or with someone who can help you in this.
4.  Try to pronounce words correctly. Use a dictionary or Google it to learn the pronunciation of a word.
5.     Record your speeches and listen to them so that you can find your weaknesses.

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