How Do You Describe A Line Graph?

Describe A Line Graph

The IELTS is an English proficiency test in which a student has to cross four stages or you can say you have to sit in four tests which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Out of the four modules Writing is the most interesting part and considered to be the best. In this section you have to write the minimum but it has to be effective as well.
In writing sections you will experience how to solve a line graph which is very common in writing Task 1 along with bar charts, tables, pie chart, maps and diagrams. It is in the form of a visual image. It is a little complicated but if you practice more you can solve it. There are few different types of line graphs but it will require you to describe a trend within a graph and to compare it to another line in the same graph.

Below are some tips that will prove helpful for you while solving the  line graph.

  •  First it is important to look  at the Chart Title. This tells you what information the graph displays and you can use this information in your description
  • Then try to include all information from X and Y axes with the names of categories.
  • Write what changed during the time.
  • Write the main trends and any other key features in an overall statement.
  • Avoid  errors or spelling mistakes and use a range of vocabulary and vary your time phrases.
  • Put percentages or numbers to support your sentences in BP (body paragraph) 
  • Organise your BP  and write in a fair handwriting so that examiner can read it easily
  • Usually in line graph there are sometimes multiple lines but still you should not get agitated and be selective. Try to first understand what the paragraph is related to.
  • Last but not least complete and try to submit your test within the allocated time that means only (20 minutes)
  •   Aim to write about a maximum of 160-175 words and to practice you can find numerous IELTS line graph samples online in our AAI Mobile App on your smartphones. And this will be helpful for you to complete your task in provided time with limited words.
You can also find the IELTS exam format online for the writing test and become familiar with it. So gear up yourself and be ready to sit in the IELTS test. Do more practice? Your success is only in your hand.
  Rest, AAI can help you to solve your queries. Nothing is impossible for anyone if one is ready to put his/her 100 % effort.
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