Coronavirus | Safety tips for Holi

Safety tips for Holi
You all must be aware that Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and India also has witnessed swift incline in the cases of Coronavirus recently. There are speculations that the Coronavirus could spread widely on Holi because it is the only festival when people gather at one place and put water and colours on each other. Hence, it is assumed that there are high chances of the COVID-19 outbreak as it is a contagious disease.

So, we recommend the people to take care of themselves, as any ignorance can have severe outcomes.
We have decided to make a list of some preventive measures to safeguard you against the disease. Here are some precautions to take when enjoying the festival of colours.

Safety Tips
Ø Strictly avoid shaking hands when wishing Holi to anyone. Instead, you can verbally wish with a positive smile.
Ø Say a big NO to use water on this Holi. The chances of infections are less in dry colours, although we do not recommend that too.
Ø It will be better if you avoid social gatherings and play it with your family members only.
Ø Stay within your room, and avoid meeting others if you are suffering from any flu like symptoms.
Ø Ask your relatives and neighbours to keep a hand sanitizer, and use it frequently.
Ø Make sure to wear a mask while moving out.
Ø It is not necessary to soak people in colours. Instead, you can enjoy the festival by simply applying tilak on the forehead.
Ø Instead of buying sweets from markets, prepare it at home.
Ø Avoid junk food and beverages such as cold drinks and hard drinks.
Ø Do not hurt animals by putting colours on them and also avoid any contact with them.
Ø Try to avoid eating non-vegetarian food.

By following all such safety measures,  you can prevent the disease from spreading and also help others to stay safe. If you want to make a change, you should take the first step, and after that, people will necessarily follow your footsteps.
In a nutshell, stay safe; enjoy your Holi by following these safety tips. Your safety is only in your hands.