Does Handwriting Affect My IELTS Score?

does handwriting affect my ielts score?

  • Do you want to take IELTS?
  • Are you worried about the writing module?
  • Do you have bad handwriting and want to know whether it affects your IELTS score?
In this modernised world of technology with smart-phones in their hands, people are less interested in writing on paper. The conventional way of writing is not popular anymore. Due to this, people may often make spelling mistakes.
Well, IELTS exam is one of those exams that still entail the applicant to write on a paper for the writing section. Handwriting is one of the key factors that catch the attention of invigilator, and if your handwriting is good, it will surely fetch you bands.
In IELTS Writing module one has to write a readable handwriting, as it is of no use if you have answered the question correctly but in poor handwriting. The invigilator will not make extra efforts to understand what you have written.
So here are few tips on how to avert losing marks due to bad handwriting:
1.     Maintain a good readable handwriting for the examiner to read correctly
2.     Provide proper space between the words and paragraphs
3.     Be careful with Y’s and G’s if you have a cursive writing
4.     Make sure your pencil is sharpened
5.     When you erase a word, erase it completely and write a new word
6.     Daily practice will enhance your writing skills and speed
7.     Try not to go over the lines in the answer sheet.
8.     Time yourself in writing so that you are able to write correctly and neatly even under pressure
In the crux, handwriting holds an essential place in IELTS writing. If your handwriting is messy, it will definitely impact your score negatively. So, these are a few tips on  IELTS writing preparation, follow them to improve your handwriting.
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