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All About Ielts Question Answer
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Questions: Learners need to know about IELTS

1.     Is IELTS difficult?
IELTS is not trickier than any other exam. The questions are simple and designed to assess how well you can use your English.
2.     Can I elongate my IELTS validity?
No, one cannot extend one’s IELTS validity if it gets expired, so one has to apply in its validation period.
3.      How do I clear IELTS exam?
One needs to practice as much as possible to get higher bands, although it is considered one of the toughest exams, but still one needs to practise a lot as “Practice makes a man perfect.”
4.      Is there any difference between G.T and ACADEMIC tests?
IELTS Listening, speaking and writing is scored in the same way, but reading which represents 25 per cent of a score is rated in a different way.
5.     Is IELTS available online?
Yes, one can prepare for tests through YouTube, and online courses but not all the websites are not reliable.  
6.     Can I sit for IELTS four modules tests in one day?
No, it is next to impossible because first of all, the timing for all the four modules wound not match and speaking is always conducted pre or post the written test.
7.     Is the general test complicated for learners?
There is no need to panic that the reading test of GT is complicated. According to the text, the questions are a bit tricky for which you have to concentrate on grammar.  
8.     Can IELTS enhance lexical resources?
Yes, IELTS indeed enhances lexical resources because all the four modules can be learned if one has strong hold on vocabulary to conclude higher bands can be scored only if you lexical resources are bolstered. 
9.     Is IELTS valid for three years now?
No, it is not explained anywhere that the period is extended for more than two years. Thus, the result is provided to the candidates within two weeks.
10.         What level of English do I need to learn to take IELTS?
IELTS can provide a test result for all candidates from beginner to advance. However, the exam is pitched at the middle level and above.
11.           Which nation is best for students to study further?
The United States: The QS World University ranking comprises of 160 universities of top intercontinental study destination.
12.          Can I retake speaking test of IELTS?
No, it is not possible to retake individual tests. If one wishes to improve IELTS band, it is necessary to retake all tests.
13.          Do I need to take admission in the coaching centre for higher bands in IELTS?
Sometimes, if one wishes to know every terms and conditions for scoring best in the tests, the coaching classes will help you in this, pertinently.
14.         Do I need to score equally in every module to pass IELTS?
No, it is not applicable that one needs to get the same bands in each module to pass IELTS. Hence, one needs to notch up above five bands to qualify the examination.
15.         Will I get appreciation certificate if I do not score qualifying bands?
No, the British council and other council conducting IELTS examination does not provide any appreciation for taking test.
16.          Which is the required age limit to sit for IELTS?
One should be at least +16 to take the IELTS examination. Hence, above all, the tests are applicable for every person regardless of age, caste, and creed.
17.          How long does it take to get the IELTS result?
IELTS results are available thirteen days after you take all modules tests. Moreover, it takes only 5-7 days to get the result of PTE.
18.         Do I need to take language coaching before I take IELTS?
Language is required on the topmost priority to excel in IELTS exam with higher bands. It changes your pronunciation and the way you speak.
19.         How many times can I hear the Listening module?
The audio is played only once when the exam goes on. In any case, the audio is not repeated.
20.         What help can be attained in the reading module?
In reading, priority is to understand and focus on the question and help to be attained locating the problem and linking the answer with the help of keywords.


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